Solving Problems with AI: Contract Management

Posted on March 2, 2020 by Brad Blickstein

As part of a continuing series on the uses of AI in legal practice, Brad Blickstein looks at how AI tools and technology are transforming contract management, covering applications in both the pre-execution and post-execution stages of deployment. 

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Solving Problems with Legal AI: Insight and Predictive Tools

Posted on January 29, 2020 by Brad Blickstein

Brad Blickstein has spent the better part of the past year researching and writing the Legal AI Efficacy Report, which is the first-ever independent report covering dozens of the most significant AI-powered legal tech tools on the market. As Brad explains it, when he first approached the subject, he thought of legal AI as one big thing but soon realized that a better way to look at it is as a number (at least 100) of “AI-powered legal tools”, each of which has been optimized to serve a different purpose.  

Blickstein identifies eight major categories (or problem sets) that account for the majority of these AI-powered tools on the market today. In the first part of a two part article for PinHawk, Brad has summarized some of the key findings that relate to the category of AI tools for Insight and Prediction, which is rapidly emerging as one of the most promising arenas for the use of AI in the legal market. 

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